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Updating and Drafting a Will in Florida

If you need to update your Florida will, need a Will for the first time, moved to Florida and need a new will, need a Florida codicil, or want to create a Trust that your property from the will pours over into, our South Florida estate planning attorneys can help. Whether you need a Weston estate planning lawyer, Ft Lauderdale will drafting attorney, Miami estate planning lawyer or an attorney in Broward to help update your will, call us today at (954) 515-5000 for a free consultation. 

Update to a Florida Will in South Florida

Life changes may require you to update your Florida will to meet your wishes. Here are some reasons someone may update a will in FL:

  • If you were recently married after your will was originally done

  • If you had a child after your will was originally signed

  • If you created a trust after your will was originally executed

  • If you want to change a beneficiary

  • If you want to change or specify a guardian for a child in case you die while they are under 18 years of age

  • If you want to change how your property is distributed

  • If you no longer have some of the property you made specific bequeaths for

  • If you got divorced since you signed your original will

Updating your will can minimize disputes among all your heirs for the property share upon your passing, and can help reduce costs to your beneficiaries.

South Florida Attorney to Update a Will


Also, in the case you want to disinherit someone from your property who would otherwise qualify as a beneficiary under the laws of intestacy if you did not have a will, you are required to draft a will. So, estate planning and will drafting is one of the most crucial tasks that you should get completed before you die. Another important aspect of estate planning is reducing the burden of tax. Normally, a person with valuable assets wants to divide his property in such a manner that there will be less tax burden on the beneficiaries. So, while doing estate planning, it is really recommended to hire an experienced and professional estate planning attorney in Florida, who can guide you to make the best decisions for your family.


Estate Planning for Business Owner in South Florida

Many business owners consider estate planning and their business interests hand-in-hand, as a greater part of their wealth may be related to their business. So, no matter whether you are planning to draft your will or want to contemplate estate planning with your business assets, you would be looking for the proper and experienced guidance.  Our firm is always ready to assist the senior citizens, business professionals, shareholders and any other person who is looking for the estate planning and will drafting services.


Will Package Service in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach


At the Law Offices of Jason Turchin, we have qualified and well experienced lawyers in the estate planning and probate field. No matter whether you want estate planning services for your business assets, want to draft a will or charitable trusts, our experienced attorneys can assist. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge about many aspects of estate planning and have have handled many simple and complex estate plans.


Home and Hospital Service Throughout South Florida


If you or your loved one is unable to come to us, we can come to you! Our mobile technology allows us to handle many services while making home visits or hospital or nursing home visits. We can help make estate plans and changes to estate documents simple, from the comfort of your own home.


Quick Turnaround on Estate Documents in Florida


We pride ourselves on working with diligence and efficiency. We understand how urgent it may be to plan your estate planning and thus, we aim at delivering quick and efficient services for you. Our goal is to guide you and work to exceed your satisfaction.

Our estate planning services are available throughout Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Davie and surrounding areas. We are also available for consultation at nights, weekends, and holidays.


Contact Us Today For A Free Will Drafting Consultation!

Have any query about estate planning and will drafting? Feel free to call us anytime.  

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