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Practice Areas

Our South Florida Probate Attorneys handle many types of probate and Florida guardianship matters. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for a free consultation by phone or by submitting your message through our website. We serve all of Florida, including Miami probate administration, Broward guardianship filings, Weston estate planning, Palm Beach probate, and more!

Estate Planning


We offer reasonable packages to help plan your estate, and to specify your wishes. We can help with your will, designation of healthcare surrogate, living will, property transfer, and drafting medical record authorization forms (HIPAA compliant), among other Florida estate planning documents.


Our Florida estate planning packages can help assure your wishes will be complied with in time of need.

Probate Administration


Probate administration involves the distribution of assets in Florida, whether the person died with a will, without a will, or with a trust.


If your loved one died and left property, or a will, we can help administer the probate estate in Florida.


Professional Guardian

A Professional Guardian is often appointed by the Court to act as Guardian over the person or property. Regina Drennan, Esq. has significant experience acting as a Professional Guardian.

As a Florida professional guardian, the focus is on the best interest of the ward, and helping to protect their interests.

Guardian Ad Litem


Regina Drennan, Esq. has extensive experience as a Guardian ad Litem in Florida civil claims to oversee settlements involving minors. As a Guardian ad Litem, her goal is to review the Florida personal injury or wrongful death settlement, and advise the court if it is in the child's best interest.


Florida law generally requires that a Guardian ad Litem be appointed whenever the gross settlement exceeds $50,000.00, though the court may require it for FL personal injury and wrongful death settlements exceeding $15,000.00. 

Voluntary Guardianship

A Florida voluntary guardianship allows others to assist in various matters, even if the person has capacity.


Florida allows a voluntary guardianship without adjudication of incapacity, of the property of a resident or nonresident person who, though mentally competent, is incapable of the care, custody, and management of his or her estate by reason of age or physical infirmity and who has voluntarily petitioned for the appointment. 

Involuntary Guardianship

​If a person lacks capacity to make their own decisions, whether financial, medical or otherwise personal, an involuntary guardianship may be necessary to protect their rights. Our office can help walk you through the process to set it up, and help ensure that the person is taken care of.


A Florida involuntary guardianship can be complex, but our office can try to make it as easy a process as possible for you and your family.

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