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Setting Up A Plenary Guardianship In Florida

Our South Florida guardianship attorneys can help you set up a plenary guardianship for a loved one. There is some times when we are unfortunately faced with a situation where a loved one or family member is no longer able to make every day decisions for them. In such cases, it can be necessary to arrange for a guardian who will make key decisions for the person. While the process of finding a guardian may be complicated, consulting an experienced South Florida guardianship attorney can help you navigate the process more easily. Whether you need a Miami plenary guardian, Weston plenary guardianship, or plenary guardianship set up in Broward, here is an overview of the Florida plenary guardianship process to help give you an idea of what Florida plenary guardianships involve.

What Does Miami Plenary Guardianship Mean?

According to Florida law, guardianship basically refers to managing the undertakings of an individual who is no longer able to manage their own affairs. It is granted by a court on behalf of the “ward of the court.” The guardian assumes the role of making decisions about a wide range of areas of the daily life of the ward. Most importantly, a plenary guardianship in Broward also means that the guardian is required by statutory and ethical rules to always make decisions in the best interest of the ward.

What Are The Requirements For A Florida Plenary Guardian?


One of the main questions about a Fort Lauderdale plenary guardianship is what it takes to become a guardian. An individual generally qualifies to act as a Florida guardian provided that he or she meets the following essential criteria:

•    Over 18 years old
•    Florida resident

A non-resident may also qualify to become a guardian in Miami plenary guardianship provided that he or she is:

•    The legally adoptive parent or adoptive child of the ward.
•    Someone like a brother, sister, spouse or any other relative.
•    The spouse also qualifies for plenary guardianship in Broward.
•    A guardian must have never had any previous felony convictions.

The Court generally makes the ultimate decision of whether an individual is qualified to act in the best interest of the ward.


What Are The Basic Steps To File For A Broward Plenary Guardianship?

If you are considering filing for plenary guardianship in Florida, then you should know that the process requires three key documents:

1.    Petition to Determine Incapacity – This establishes that your loved one is in need of a guardian.
2.    Petition for Appointment of Guardian – This requests that the court appoints a guardian.
3.    Application for Appointment as Guardian – Finally, you now request that the court appoints you to act as the guardian for the ward.

There are several other documents which may also need to get filed, and one of our experienced Broward guardianship attorneys can assist.


Educating the Florida Guardian


Once guardianship is determined, and a suitable guardian is appointed, the law often requires that the guardian attends an extensive educational course on the proper practices of their new responsibilities. You will also need to submit to credit, and criminal background checks. With this overview, you can now tell what it takes for successful Miami plenary guardianship.



Helping Set Up Plenary Guardianship in Florida


We understand the difficult decision to hire a plenary guardian in Broward. A professional guardian can help take the stress away from personally managing the financial and personal affairs of your loved one. You may also decide that you want to be the plenary guardian if you qualify.


Our Florida guardianship attorneys can help set up a Tamarac plenary guardianship, Miami plenary guardianship, Ft. Lauderdale plenary guardianship, and guardianships throughout South Florida.  

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